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  • Monitoring, Alerting, Anomaly Detection

    Monitoring, alerts, anomaly detection, events, log management, all in one!

    Dashboards for Solr, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Spark, Storm, HBase, Hadoop, etc.

    Trace transactions across distributed apps to find bottlenecks

    Integrate with PagerDuty, HipChat, Slack, WebHooks, etc.

  • Log Management / Hosted ELK Stack

    Send your syslog, application, or any other log events

    Use any syslog daemon, Logstash, Flume, or Fluentd

    Correlate logs with alerts and performance graphs

  • Database Monitoring

    Monitor MySQL, MariaDB, or AWS RDS

  • Custom Metrics

    Send custom IT metrics, business KPIs, sensor data

    Build custom charts, dashboards, alerts